Understanding How To Start Soul Winning

Understanding How To Start Soul Winning

Understanding how to start soul winning is easy when you ask God for direction. Start each day with prayer and God’s word and ask Him to show you the opportunities to share and win souls. After you’ve prayed about it, pay attention to the people who cross your path and ask quietly to show you if this is the person that you’re supposed to share with.

Soul winning isn’t just about winning souls, it’s also about guiding these people through their new walk with God on a daily basis. Sometimes, it’s challenging to step out of your comfort zone and begin sharing with those you meet. The more you do this, the easier it becomes.

Start with a few simple questions that help to break the ice. Introduce yourself and get to know the person a bit before you start sharing. Once you know a bit about a person, you can find a level to connect on and begin to share, and soul win from that angle.

Soul winning isn’t just about talking or preaching, it’s also about your actions. Ask God to help your actions to speak loudly to others you interact with. Learn to tame your temper if you’re prone to reacting to situations that are frustrating. This can go far in helping others to ask you questions such as “How can you remain calm when that’s going on”? This opens the door for you to share and win souls.

Pray for discernment on what and whom God wants you to share with. Ask for guidance and direction in your sharing. Remember, sometimes, less is more. Sometimes, you’ll plant the seed of soul winning while another person will be the one to expand upon it and water and fertilize it like a garden.

Soul winning isn’t for the faint of heart. If you’re always concerned that others may see you as a preacher or prepper, you may be approaching this from the wrong angle. Focus on specific things to share and expand upon so that you’re not coming across as too preachy.

Just as you avoid situations that make you feel uncomfortable, so will others. So make it something comfortable. Invite the new friend you made out to coffee and really listen and get to know them. Pray with them and ask them what their prayer needs are. Give them a call later in the week and ask them how things are going.

When you take the time to develop friendship and rapport you’re going to be gaining ground and winning over their souls without making them feel pressured. Not everyone you approach is going to be receptive. Learn to respect that while still keeping the person in prayer. Leave the door open to them should they ever change their mind.

Once you understand how to start soul winning, you’ll begin to do this naturally with far less effort. It will feel so natural that you won’t feel uncomfortable nor will your friends and family who you’re talking with.