Soul Winning Tools That Every Evangelist Must Employ.

Soul Winning Tools That Every Evangelist Must Employ.

Christians have the sole responsibility of sharing the gospel with nonbelievers. Once they leave the church, they have to keep further spreading the word of God. This responsibility makes them soul winners. Salvation is the end game for all human beings. However, most people do not know the right path to follow for them to get saved. God is gracious and will always have soul winners to help the lost sheep with these predicaments. Jesus spent most of the time teaching people about the ways of God. He explained the repercussions of living contrary to his rules. With the following soul winning tools, the evangelism process can be much smoother and successful.

Social Media.

Social media has both positive and negative sides. Well, through proper use, it can be among the most influential soul winning tools. The world is currently operating on the internet. It has gone from being a luxury to a necessity. People now have all types of gadgets like phones, tablets, and computers to access the internet. Someone will check their social media pages to stay updated with the current affairs at any free time. When you employ this platform and use it for soul winning, you will see considerable change within a short period. There are common platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Create a page on this program and state the intentions. It can be for remote location capturing the people within your jurisdiction or for everyone who might gain interest. One notable factor about this platform is that you could catch a comprehensive network coverage within a short period. Whenever you put up something new, it will notify all the members who have liked or subscribed to the group. You can carry out the evangelization through messages, sending audios, or also holding live shows. While this shows runs, you can see the number of people attending and the kind of comments they give. Another benefit is you can respond to any concerns that your followers might have in due time. Indicate your contacts so that anyone interested can reach you for any private teachings.

The Bible.

The Bible is one book that you can find on any part of the earth. It is now available in all sorts of languages for easy comprehension. Although it is the most common book, people rarely read it. Employing it as one of the soul-winning tools can help bring more people to the house of God. Create a bible study group where people can meet online or at an agreed location. You can also spare time and go out teaching strangers. The purpose of such meetings is to simplify the bible verses. Teach people by trying to relate the message to the everyday life challenges. People always pay attention to issues they can relate to in their lives. Expand on the importance of salvation and living by God’s rules. Teach them of the wondrous love that God has for everyone and the salvation that awaits them.

Soul-winning doesn’t have to be a tedious task. The two tools above help to create a platform where you can teach effectively.

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